Mission Impossible: Box office decline

In  (almost) 30 year career, 13% of his time Tom Cruise has spent trying to complete impossible missions. The fact that he succeeds in it repeatedly, both on screen (he does his own stunts) and at the box office (which he benefits from personally as one of the series producers) raises the question,  how impossible is it? maybe by wearing these two  hats , he has figured out the right formula for success. But how good are these movies doing?

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Woody Allen – A (more) rational perspective

Woody Allen is one of the most prolific film makers in American film history. Counting 45 films as director starting with What’s Up, Tiger Lily? From 1964 to Irrational Man from 2015. He has written all of them, though  20% of his movies (9) were collaborators with other script writers. All original material if you don’t include a self help book or overdubbing  a Japanese spy film.Read More »